Wrapp(ed) Figures - Google Doc

I want to add captions to wrapped images in my google doc. If I select a wrapped image and go to insert caption, it says I do not have a figure selected. I have to break the image out of being wrapped (put in own line) for it to finally work. If I move the image, the caption does not move with it, and if I rewrap the image, the caption does not follow.

Similarly, if I have a wrapped image in google docs and then convert to Latex or PDF, the image comes out no longer wrapped so it is not formatted correctly.

All I want to do is be able to easily have wrapped images with captions. How can this be fixed or what can I do? It looks a little complicated to add in a whole latex block to try to do this.


Google Docs is not much of the problem, but when it comes to LaTeX equivalent of same google docs the look of wrapped figures doesn’t remain same, it causes wierd and ugly formatting in LaTeX like text going ouside margin etc. So we don’t support it right now.

But we have noted this down and we will be improving it in future.

But why am I NOT able to get my Google Docs Image to show up in Docx2Latex generated PDF? Can anyone help? Please? It is my term paper!