TypeError: Cannot call method "indexOf" of null


I got an error when I try to insert a caption. This could be due to the fact that I insert this figure as first, when I had already referred other figures.

I think the flexibility of changing the order and inserting new figures on the go is really important.



I am not sure how to update the figure number when a new figure is added in the middle of the article. Does the caption and all citation change automatically?


Since I am in beta testing mood,

a minor aesthetic inconvenience is that sometime when I insert a caption the text has tiny font,


while from a certain point in the document, the caption get inserted with the same font of the rest of the text


This is not a valid behaviour. If this still persists. Mail us a test doc at premium@docx2latex.com, and we will get to the roots of it.


You can add a new figure any where in the doc. When you will add caption to new figure, at that time numbering of all the other figures will be updated accordingly.


Caption will inherit all the current properties your doc has set for the particular area below the figure.
So the changing nature of caption font size depends on the font settings in that particular area.


A reproducible case is when a caption is already present and I try to “add caption” again to modify it, give such error. I needed to delete caption and re-add it. All this is quite counter-intuitive. Would be nice to modify caption if it’s present. Or give a clearer error.


Add-on already incorporates capability to modify previous caption. Somehow it is malfunctioning in your doc. Can you remove the sensitive part out of your doc and mail it to us?


Thanks. For the moment I abandoned the figure references and added captions manually