Tikz-qtree support

I’d like to use the tikz-qtree package. I see that tikz is already supported, but as I’m specifically drawing complex syntax trees, having the qtree specific functions will be of great help.

Unless there is already a way to do this?

Sure, we will support it natively in a few days. But until then you can create a LaTeX Block at the very beginning of the document and add your tikz-qtree inclusion code there, it might not work for rendering code In google docs itself but it will work when you convert to PDF.

Thanks for the quick reply!

I’ve already tried adding \usepackage{tikz-qtree} to the top of the document (in a LaTeX chunk) but it does not render in the PDF.

Is there a way to cross reference example numbers, in the meantime? That is, instead of a table or a figure or equation, referencing just a numbered item? (1) or (1-a) for instance? Or, is there a way to add a caption to a tikz figure?

\usepackage{tikz-qtree} is now supported for rendering inside Google Docs