TeXstudio : There's no line here to end


I get this error when I build my document exported from Docx2LaTeX in TeXstudio:
“There’s no line here to end.”
This is the Docx2LaTeX output code:

% Figure/Image No: 2 Ends here

The problem is that I don’t know how to remove the “\ \par” in google docs.


The error caused by \par “There’s no line here to end.” won’t cause compilation errors.
You should be able to see the PDF.

If you are unable to see the compiled PDF, check for error starting with LaTeX Error:
in TEXStudio

I receive an error, not a warning.
I’m enable to see the PDF.

Here the same error in an other part of the same document.

Note, the error always occurs after a figure…
Thanks for your support.