Paperpile citations superscript not compatible



I noticed that there is no compatibility between Paperpile superscript


and D2L conversion to PDF.


Is there an easy fix for that?

Thanks a lot


We haven’t officially added support for paperpile citations. Have you tried our inbuilt reference manager?


That’s a pity, the integration with the ecosystem would be great to many academics to fully adopt your great tool (please let me know if you can whether you have some plans and timelines about that)

Briefly, it is a good tool I can see you put a lot of effort into it; however, I am locked with Paperpile for collaborative purposes.

As a personal non-requested note, I see referencing tooling a “busy market” already, the biggest value I see in your tool (and I would invest most energies if I were in you) is flawless headache-free powerful PDF conversion, of which you are already first/best moovers, I would even pay a small annual fee for it, if it was more robust.


The main reason for building our own ref-manager was user need not switch between Docx2LaTeX and other add-on like Paperpile. But as lot of people already use Paperpil, we think that we should support Paperpile fully.
We will do this in steps. Please send us sample documents with frequently used citation formats on and we will start adding support for them.


I sent you an email.

P.S. If you don’t have Paperpile you can install a trial for free.

Users do not need to switch, as Paperpile doesn’t use the right window to operate, but creates overlay next to the cursor. In this way it is quite easy to use your tool in combination with Paperpile.


Fixed the issue. However, you will have to remove the spaces between word and superscript citation in Google Docs itself to get the correct formatting of citations.
We could add automated support for it will be bad for other test cases.