Maximum block size



I am experimenting with you tool to see if I am safe to migrate to it (it seems amazing for many aspects)

If I unite these two blocks your plugin throus an error. Is there any time threshold for the connection to your server past which it throws an error, can I make this time threshold bigger?

\textrm{ (3) } & P\left ( \gamma \right ) P\left ( \sigma \right )
P\left ( \eta\right )P\left ( \xi \right )P\left ( \dot{\beta} | \xi \right )\prod_{r=2}^{R}\left P( \beta_{r} | \sigma \right ) \prod_{g=1}^{G}  P\left ( y^{\circ}_{g} | \gamma‘, \gamma‘‘ \right )\prod_{g=1}^{G} \prod_{s=1}^{S} P\left ( Y_{g,s} | \delta, \hat{Y}, \omega \right )\\[6pt]
\textrm{ (4) } & \hat{Y} = \mathit{ GLA }\left ( X, y^{\circ}, \beta, \eta \right )\\[6pt]
\textrm{ (5) } & \omega = \mathit{ GL }\left ( \hat{Y}, \alpha, \kappa \right )\\[6pt]
\textrm{ (6) } & \beta_{1} \sim  \mathit{regHorseshoe } \left ( ... \right ) \\[6pt]
\textrm{ (7) } & \beta_{2..R} \sim  normal \left ( 0, \sigma \right ) \\[6pt]
\textrm{ (8) } & y^{\circ} \sim  gamma\left ( \gamma‘ * \gamma‘‘^{−1}, \gamma‘‘^{−1} \right )\\[6pt] 

\textrm{ (9) } & \alpha_{1}, \kappa, \sigma, \delta \sim normal\left ( 0, 1 \right ) \\[6pt]
\textrm{ (10) } & \alpha_{0} \sim normal\left ( 0, 10 \right )\\[6pt]
\textrm{ (11) } & \eta, \gamma \sim normal\left ( 0, 5 \right ) \\[6pt] 



There are two cases for max block size:

  1. If you don’t want to render the code in LaTeX Block - You can write any amount of code in that LaTeX block.
  2. If you want to render the code in LaTeX Block - You can render Maximum 2050 characters of code.

Your Error
The error you are seeing is not due to the block size, instead, this error is thrown when your code in the block cannot be compiled. This may be due to the syntax error in the code snippet that you are trying to compile.

Pro tip
While pasting code in code block from anywhere on the internet, use Ctrl+Shift+V (Paste without formatting) option, instead of Ctrl+V (Paste).


The two block compile separately but not together.


So the reason must be a synergistic between two blocks, the easiest explanation I gave to myself is length