Mathtype equations conversion

Conversion of docx files with Mathtype equations is not done properly (by Uploading docx to docx2Latex website)

There are some ways to fix this:

  • I have written a macro which converts Mathtype equations to MS word equations, then we can use Doc2Latex for conversion to Latex:

  • Another way is to convert Mathtype equations to Latex inside MS word (Mathtype has a macro for this). But Doc2Latex should have some logic to detect the equations that are between \[ \] and $ $, and not convert them to simple text, and instead to math equations. In Google doc addon, the user can inter Latex blocks for these, but it is time-consuming and manual.

  • Fix the direct conversion errors.

Now without any change Mathtype equations like this:
are converted to this:

Also, equations numbers are ignored which is another problem!

Thank you for your concern @Amin_Yahyaabadi. This is known issue since long time and we are working on it this week. We will try and see how we can integrate this with our system.

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Thank you very much!

P.S: Just wanted to say that my macro has some issues because it uese built-in microsoft Latex to Word equation converter.

We are glad to announce that, Docx2LaTeX now supports MathType Equation conversion.

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That’s awesome. Thanks!