Latex Tables not rendering within GDoc; not rendering in correct place within PDF

Hello, I am new to Docx2LaTeX and all I would like to do is render Latex regression tables in my GDoc. I am coming across two very frustrating bugs:

(1) Every time I add the Latex code to the Latex code block, the PDF does not render the table at the place I would like to place it. It renders it in a random place, ruining the formatting of the PDF.

(2) When I try to render my Latex code block table within the Doc itself, it does not render; it turns into a blank white “table” that has no content in it. This has been extremely frustrating.

Any help anyone could provide would be greatly appreciated. I have not been able to find any other good Latex to Doc add-ons and am placing my hope that Docx2Latex will actually fulfill my very simple need of adding organized and neat latex regression tables to GDoc.

Hi, @dreamywants, we are sorry for the inconvenience if it’s not confidential, please share the document with so that we can see what’s happening.

our table codes need quite a few modifications to match your requirements.

Like the use of longtable environment instead of table to spread it across multiple pages, customizing font size etc.

Why won’t you create the table in Google Docs itself instead of adding the code for it?