Latex code chunk rendering

Hi- great work on the add-on!

Would be ideal if the Latex renderer automatically identified code chunks by the typical math font identifiers $…$ and $$…$$ as in other editors. Having to click and define latex chunks inhibits the best part of latex- that you can fluidly write math syntax as you write text without stopping.

Best of luck and thanks again,

@John_Giles Good idea. We are releasing LaTeX equation editor in next release. We will pick this up in the release after that.

@John_Giles We are happy to inform you that we have released this feature where you can write inline equations directly using $$...$$ delimiters.

You can then render or derender these equations. Just make sure that inline-equations are rendered before converting to LaTeX so that they are converted properly.

From the addon settings (icon in the bottom right corner) you can enable auto rendering of inline equations too. This will auto-detect inline equations in $$...$$ and render them on the fly.

Let us know what you think of these features.