How to change citation format

How can I change citation format from “(Nikolova et al. 2013)” to “[1]” ?

If you are looking for that format in Google Doc itself then that feature is not available yet. But it can be done white converting ot LaTeX PDF uisng following settings -

Advanced Options --> Biblatex Bibliography Style --> IEEE (or any other)

Sorry, I can’t seem to find this option anymore. All my citations appear now to number format (e.g. [1]) whatever Template I choose. However, I’d like to have them in another citation style, in particular (First Author et al., 2022). Is there a way to customise this?

We have removed this feature on the latest update. We are looking to better design it.
Till then as a workaround, you can directly edit the final LaTeX code and recompile it to get your desired reference format.

Thanks for letting me know.

After I downloaded the Latex file, is there a way to recompile the Latex code by using Doc2latex compiler? Like, uploading it to some online Doc2latex compiler. The risk I see with compiling it on my machine with my own compiler is that I don’t get the same results for other settings that Doc2latex provides.

We don’t have our own compiler as such we use the standard pdflatex compiler.
You should be able to successfully compile your code on local as long as you have all the required packages installed.

If you are unsure about the packages on your local machine, you can directly upload the downloaded zip file to and compile it there, you will get the same results.

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Just to follow up, I bought the credits to export to Latex and be able to customise the citation style, and my fears are confirmed: you don’t get the same result by compiling the downloaded Latex on Overleaf, and achieving that requires far too much work, kind of defeating Doc2Latex purpose. There are multiple issues occurring when trying to convert from the exported Latex to a PDF using tools like the suggested Overleaf; among them, the images are not displayed correctly.

As a workaround, I inserted a Latex code block at the very start of the document, and there I overridden Bibtex’s cite command with another Bibtex command to customise the citation style as I wanted it, for example:


This is the only solution I found, and can satisfy the customisation of the citation format to a good extent.

Other things I tried that did not work:

  • Renew the Bibtex command with a natbib command like citep. Cannot do it due to the following point.
  • Using natbib as citation engine. Not possible at all, citations are not shared from the Bibtex source that Doc2Latex provides. All citations appear as question marks ?.

Please keep up the great work! This extension can truly be fantastic and I keep recommending it to all my colleagues. Please keep improving it!