Images missing from downloaded Latex file

I bought credits to export the Latex from Google Doc. To my disappointment, all the images are not downloaded from the Google Doc but simply replaced with file paths pointing to ./images/imageXX.png, where XX is a progressive number generated by Doc2Latex.

This means that Doc2Latex is requiring me to:

  1. Manually download all the images I have already pasted in google docs
  2. Go through all of them and rename the downloaded files with the same progressive numbering format applied by Doc2Latex
  3. Place them into an images folder together with the exported .tex and .bib files which are exported from Doc2Latex.

This is quite disappointing, as a minimum I was expecting the images to be downloaded from the file automatically, and as well renamed to the format that the exported tex requires. It really did not help me save time. Can you fix this?

As a follow up, I also found a way to download all the images from the Google doc with the same progressive numbering wanted by the Latex export (simply go to FileDownloadWeb Page and the images will be there).

As suggested here, I tried Overleaf to get the same compilation results as from Doc2Latex. After creating the required folder images and placing all my images there, the Overleaf compilation still could not return the same nice export that Doc2Latex gives from Google Docs. All images were deformed, stretched and/or incorrectly placed.



Naturally this is likely partly the fault of Overleaf, but still this proves that there is some work needed to get a good Latex export from Google Docs, at least on the image download part.

Please keep up the great work! This extension can truly be fantastic and I keep recommending it to all my colleagues. Please keep improving it!