How can I change a figure caption without eliminating it first?

I did not find a way to change a figure caption. When I change the text directly such change does not update the information on D2L, instead my changes get forgotten every time.

Please let me know when you think this can be fixed

P.S. In my opinion the input

of figure captions should be a text area in a way I can see the whole text rather than a small portion of it.


This is probably the most debilitating bug I found, as is stopping me from changing text and share my document with collaborators.

We will roll out the update within 48 hours.

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Caption visible under figures are just for representation purpose. Algorithms won’t detect them.
If you want to change the caption right there, please modify it and copy it.
After that click on Add figure Caption and paste new caption. New caption will override previous caption.

PS: Unfortunately Google Docs doesn’t provide wider text area.

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