Google docs: cross reference: not working , hanging , or freezing

Hi awsome plugin, was using it extensively with a large doc,
150 pages aprox.
mainly to cross reference figures & tables .

and after that was planning to use it with citations.

but half the way (figure 30 aprox)
it started to hang ( script not responding )
I waited or restarted the doc, and then i can put the reference or try again.

nevertheless since today it just throw the following error:

###### Error :

ScriptError: Exception: Service Documents failed while accessing document with ID 1beXv3P0fwFjpYsXHI5_mewccuVDtlohrX-1shSyWNaA.

I restarted the document several times but it wont work the cross reference part.

hope it get better speed at inserting the figures / references , and it dont hang anymore =) .

keep the good work , looking forward for a solution :smiley:

its not solved but at least i can still add stuff ,if evolved from " not working" to hanging / freezing

as the document its quite large, i’ll let it load like 1 or 2 minutes.

after that i start doc2latex, then wait again 1 or 2 minutes. and start to add index to figures or add references to already indexed figures.

when refer figure it hangs / freezes. then restart the process and i can refer previous figure that was “frozen”

“frozen”= firefox says " script taking too long" > wait or kill > i choose close tab / window > and enter again the document.

not the best workflow but at least i can go forward.

any speed improvments on this or options to make this go faster are welcome.

Thanks :smiley: !

@Julio_Spairani We have tested the add-on and it works fine even for a 500 page document. From your description of a problem, we think that there might be some bug causing the issue.

If your document is not confidential, can you share a copy of it with, so that we can take a look at what’s happening?

Thanks for the update, its confidential untill it gets published. might schedule a meeting ?

Some stuff that might be related, descriptions of figures some times are long.
descriptions are written in spanish so some times they contain other characters.

images generally are boxed inside a gdocs table for positioning / framing

table init
table end

hope it helps,
any hints welcome :smile:

tryied splitting the document in 2 documents,
add a figure in the smaller doc.
it added quickly,
then copy paste the new document contents, in the big one.

as it didnt refresh the figure numbers
added a figure as i guess there is when it refresh the figure numbers.

got an error:

Error :

ScriptError: Too many changes applied before saving document. Please save changes in smaller batches using Document.saveAndClose(), then reopen the document with Document.openById().

by the message i guess that it tried to update all figure numbers in one batch.

may be an option to, analyze then apply the change in smaller batches ?