Figure Captions Not Working For Google Docs Figures

If I insert a figure from an external .png file, I am able to insert figure captions. However if the figure was created directly in google docs after I press insert caption, nothing happens.

This addon’s main purpose was to export the final document to LaTeX. And figures ceated in Google Docs are little difficult to converts as large variety of drawings are possible so we didn’t add support for anything related to it. But surely we can add support for captions to these figures. Will rollout this in next release.

Well I found a really convoluted way to export the google docs figure to .png and then insert it as .png, whereupon it magically becomes possible to add the caption.

However exporting a figure to png is quite tricky. I had to use the keep notes feature. You can’t even copy and paste a google docs figure into google slides! Quite the limitation, but not your fault of course.

yeah, that workaround works.