Feature request - option for floating images


I think would be really good to have the option of exporting with floating images, rather than fixed position images.

I can imagine giving exporting options could be feasible inserting them in the same DIV of the export button as drop down of checkboxes, so to give more flexibility and making the tool self contained even if the goal is a professional document.



Do you mean to have the flexibility to change [H] option in above written generic code?

That’s exact. Personally I would be happy with setting global options for all figures, without writing latex code in the document, so keeping both advantage of a clean document, and a powerful LaTex encoder.

Thinking about this, another more simple generalised solution (instead of adding UI in the menu) would be to have a text area field in your menu where you can declare all setting you want for LaTex encoding without having to write it explicitly in the document itself.

How about having an option for this in ‘Advanced options’?

That’s a good idea.

The possibility of inserting custom LaTex code (in a text area rather than input field if possible), would give great flexibility without the need to build too much UI.

All this if in options will be the same for all documents, but I think if fair enough considered that a person is likely to work on similar type documents

If by custom latex code you mean…code in preamble… then you can already do that now using latex bllocks.
Take a look at following template


I am aware of that, however looks confusing for other coauthors. Would be nice to keep document clean and powerful latex conversion