Equation editor gets stuck


I wanted to use and probably promote your google add-on in our company but the equation editor is unreliable or I don’t know how to use it

for exemple following equation
MI\left (% \right )=\frac{Z-Z\left ( H_{max} \right )}{Z\left ( H_{max} \right )}\times 100

The rendering in the equation editor is correct but never comes through.

Can you please help?

Aside that your add-on is exactly what we would need…


Hi @Daniel_Rosenfeld,
This is a known issue and we are working on fixing it. If everything goes as expected this will be available by the end of the month.

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Thank you, please keep me posted.
We have a scientific community in our company and as we all work on google docs, your tool could be helpful…but it must work well
Also one feature I did not found - but maybe you have it - is cross referencing to different sections/ paragraphs in a text


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We currently don’t support cross-referencing sections or paragraphs.

As of today cross-referencing only Tables, Images and Equations is possible.