Equation editor does not display valid LaTeX code

The following (valid LaTeX) code correctly displays when using “Insert LaTeX block”, but not when using “Equation”.

p(S-\mid x) = \frac{1}{\sigma\sqrt{2\pi}}\int\limits_{-\infty}^{x}e^{-\frac{z(x)^2}{2\sigma^2}} dx

Side note: the preview in the new Equation editor doesn’t work at all for me (no preview shown)

edit: and another example:

x = \begin{cases}\mathrm{sgn}(x_{\text{data}})\cdot\left|e^{\omega|x_{\text{data}}|}-1\right| & \text{if} |x_{data}|>0\ 0 & \text{else}\end{cases}

The Equation editor shows nothing with this code.

@Matthias This is fixed now. Can you check and confirm that it’s working for you?

It seems fixed and even the preview now works for me. Awesome!

Ok, I hit the next problem with the equation editor. The following code is not displayed (no error message):

\sigma(x) = \begin{cases}\sigma_0 + f(|x|- \theta; \sigma_1) & \text{if $|x|>=\theta$}\\\sigma_0 & \text{else}\end{cases}

The problem seems to be the “;”. It works well with a Latex block.

[Edit] Another example. This is working in the equation editor:


This not:


And a third example that isn’t working in the equation editor:

c_{\mathrm{r}} \sim \begin{cases}\Phi(-\frac{c}{\Sigma}) & \text{for $c_{\mathrm{r}}=0$}\\\frac{1}{\Sigma}\phi(\frac{c_{\mathrm{r}}-c}{\Sigma}) & \text{for $0<c_{\mathrm{r}}<1$}\\\Phi(\frac{1-c}{\Sigma}) & \text{for $c_{\mathrm{r}}=1$}\end{cases}