Cross reference headings (chapter titles)

Is it possible to cross-reference titles of chapters (headings)?

I know the extension already makes possible to cross reference equations and figures, but I could not find any option for headings.

Self-answering to myself again, this is possible by including an in-line Latex block on the same line of the chapter/section title with:


Which can then be referenced in the text with another in-line latex block with \ref{someChapterIdentifier}.

I still think this feature request is very relevant. The workaround proposed by @alelom is quite inconvenient and this is a very frequently used action. Google Docs already supports a way of referencing sections by adding a link (CTRL+K) and writing the text of the title (with autocompletion) - it should not be hard to parse this when converting to LaTex. Otherwise, a native docxtolatex add-on feature could be added for this.