A possible idea from a potential user


again I really like your software, the idea of using Google doc to produce LaTeX style graphics is amazing. It would add power keeping this simple, to give the possibility for every of paragraph styles

to customise basic LaTeX styles, similarly to what the plugin “Paragraph Styles +” does

In your plugin even more basic options could be added to be passed to LaTeX code, such as paragraph indentation (only be indented if they come directly after another paragraph, differently from what Google Doc does, badly)


Text styles, for example for the authorship


You already convert Google Doc paragraph styles into yours, but I cannot setup basic customisation. And I want to avoid to get to this point


In order to keep the document pretty on browser and on LaTex PDF (which is the beauty of your software).

Keep the good work!

Current conventions of Add-on:

  1. Heading1 --> \section{}
  2. Heading2 --> \subsection{}
  3. Heading3 --> \subsubsection{}
  4. Subtitle --> \chapter

You want to customize Heading1, Heading2 etc. so that section{}, \subsection{} also get modified, am I right?

That’s the idea, however for example the indentation of Google Doc is wrong according to publishing standards, in this sense a straight up conversion would be wrong.

So maybe with LaTeX specific options.

For example,

how can I change a Heading (Heading 6) to get a font that you use for your authorship, without actually coding the whole thing in a LaTeX block?

You can control the behaviour of indentation in Google Docs itself using
Format > Align & indent >Indentation Options > Spacial

Currently our software does not detect various font directly.
However as far as Heading 6 is concerned you can style it the way you want, you can even use different colours.

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