The PDF file is not being generated


There are 2 errors. First, after using Docx2Latex, my google docs stops working all the time and asks me to reload the page. Second, when I ask Docx2Latex to generate the PDF, another tab opens, starts generating and then I get this message: No PDF Generated

I’m almost giving up on the add-on



HI Nataly,

Sorry for the inconvenience, if the documents are not confidential, can you share them with so that we can take alook at what is happening and try to fix the problem.


I have the same problem, pdf file is not being generated, I have already wrought an email to
But there is another trouble too. It is possible to render latex block and print file to pdf by Ctrl+P. But picture with this formula too big, it doesn’t valid to desired font size.


Hi Maryna,
When you render latex block in google docs, is size big there too? And what type of ontent is in that block? is it equation of something else?


I tried to “convert to PDF File” by AddOn Dox2Latex, it opened another tab, but the result is an empty page with text: “No PDF is generated”/
Anoter attemp is to use AddOn option “LaTex->Render”. I applied it for some latex blocks like
“^{B}P=\begin{bmatrix}^{B}P_{x}\^{B}P_{y}\end{bmatrix}=[^{B}P_{x},^{B}P_{y}]”. It works. But the result is too big/ It is possible to resize it manualy and print doc to pdf, but the font size can’t be precisely.


looks like you have maths equation in the latex block, you will have to put it insider pair of rectangular brackets…
e.g. \[ your code \]


Thanks. Using […] helped to get an appropriate font size after rendering. But PDF file still can`t be generated.
Also I have another question. Is it possible to render manually inline laTex as I did with LaText Blocks?


PDF doesn’t get generated if, LaTeX code is not properly generated. For that, we will have to take look at the document.
Regarding rendering inline LaTeX code, as of now you can’t do that but we are considering it for our future releases.


@Maryna_Malakhova We saw the document you shared, it looks like the issue is with Russian Language.
Till then you can download the LaTeX code and fix language specific issues.


i tired to converst the word to pdf by addon Docx2Latex, it ompened another tab, but the result after the generating is “it apears that your browser cannot render this PDF”, can you help me please?


We are working on improving this, can you try different browser till then?